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Why Did We Decide to Open A Pizzeria in Downeast Maine?

Yeah, we get asked that question all the time! Well, our roots are in New Jersey, my heritage is Italian and as teenagers Dee and I spent our free time in pizzerias. I've always dreamed of opening my own pizzeria. Many years ago I moved to Lubec and made my living operating my computer consulting business. I started to make homemade pizza because no real Italian pizza was available in this area.

Upon arriving in Lubec, I made many good friends who taught me the way of life here; be yourself, prepare for winter and never pass up an invite to get out on the water! They shared with me their bounty of lobster and scallop and even dulce. We spent many a night at Annabelle’s being thankful to live on this beautiful peninsula.

I shared my passion for making pizza with my new friends. They saw value in the product, its uniqueness and authentic flavor, so they encouraged me to follow my dream. 

Dee got to Lubec a few years ago. She has over 30 years experience as a radiologic technologist and currently works as a Guide Interpreter at Roosevelt Campobello International Park. She has extensive customer service skills and a warm, welcoming demeanor. She's the nice one!

The timing is right for Dee and I to break from our long time careers and join the growing hospitality industry in Lubec Maine. We are up for the challenges that will for sure come our way while developing a reputable, year round establishment. Together we are excited to operate our new pizzeria and we look forward to making many new friends there!

Warmest thanks to our friends and family for their assistance, encouragement and effort with getting us to this point in our project.  Special acknowledgement to Glenn Charles for the use of imagery on this site – check him out, his work is amazing.

Thanks for visiting,

                             Ginny Morano and Dee Kosch.

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— Eleanor Roosevelt
Call Ahead for Faster Service!   (207) 733-0137

Call Ahead for Faster Service (207) 733-0137